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2x Monthly Giveaways!


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Hey all,

Remaking this topic as forum errors are not allowing me to edit the previous one.

Just letting everyone know that there will be recurring giveaways every month for two sets of people.

Discord Nitro Boosters

Per the announcement on discord yesterday, we will be giving away top tier SAHA properties and/or other prizes every month to people who enter the nitro booster giveaways.

All you need to do is use your nitro boost to boost the server, and click the icon on the bot in the boosters-giveaway channel. The bot will draw a name and you are in with a chance to win! You must be boosting the server at the time of the giveaway or you are not eligible! A lot of people have discord nitro already and are not boosting any servers, are boosting dead servers or are only boosting one server. You get two boosts with nitro so it's going to be a free giveaway to enter for a lot of people.


In February we will be holding another raffle where EVERYONE with over 48 hours played in January will be entered. You will also get an additional entry for every second (literally) you played during the month.

This means the more you play the more entries you get. You do not need to be actively playing to be counted, just logged into your account and alive on the server. We will not be punishing people or not counting people for being afk, it's as much in the spirit of it as anything else.

So TL:DR, play at least 48 hours in total and everything past that massively increases your chances of success!

The prize for the raffle again will be a top tier SAHA house with a value at auction of $10,000,000+ or else another prize of a similar value.

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