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ANARCHY's Application for SAHA


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Your ingame username: sadi31
Your ingame alias: ANARCHY
Your year of birth: 1997
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Turkish
Country of residence: Turkey

How long you have been playing SAES: I've been playing SAES since 2012.

Qualities you can offer: Most of the time, I am a funny and productive person. I love to learn and be able to contribute and help others. For example; If I come across someone who has just started SAES while playing the game, I teach him a lot about the game without getting bored. My close friends with whom we play the game together know this because we often cross paths and spend time with new players, and although it sounds funny and weird to my friends, it is one of the hobbies I enjoy the most in the game. Since I have been on the server for years, I am experienced and have a good command of every server related issue. Also, people around me always say they like my interactions with people.

Your weaknesses: Sometimes, the people I approach well and trust hurt me and I care too much about it. I show too much compassion to that kind of people. And I sometimes like to see everything to be under my control and order.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes

Reason for application: I've been playing on SAES for many years and I wanted to give it a try when I saw SAHA / CS recruitment that everyone would like to reach as I feel ready for that. I applied because I like being useful to people and because I trust in my communication skills and patience. And the main reason why I applied for SAHA rather than CS is, I am interested in housing and I see SAHA as a group where I can improve myself and learn a lot from, to keep going on.

Server Memberships:
Arms Assassins
Outbreak Organization

Additional information: My name is Sadi, I live in the city of zmir which I think is Turkey's most excellent and amusing city. I like traveling, and spending time with my friends, ingame or in real life. I am in my senior year at university and I try to have fun on the server whenever I find the opportunity from uni or own work. I like sports and I've tried a lot of sport branches, nowadays I do kick-box as a hobby.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I think I have none.

Previous (legitimate) bans: Years ago when I was a newbie in the server I had been banned because of abusing some minor bugs, and multiaccounting.

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