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Dudi's application for SAHA


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Your ingame username: specialist12
Your ingame alias: Dudi
Your year of birth: 1997, 12nd January.
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Israeli
Country of residence: Israel
How long you have been playing SAES: I'm playing on SAES:RPG since 2013.

Qualities you can offer: I can assist the community in many different ways. I will do everything to fulfill the community's demands along producing full capability as I will have an adequate commitment and plenty of responsibilities as being a SAHA staff. Likewise, I am remarkably more focused and self-controlled as I am an extremely calm person, taking everything seriously when is necessary and I am absolutely focused on every act or detail.

In addition, I can offer some qualities, such as understanding four languages. I can speak and understand 3 foreign languages and Hebrew which is my primary language. Languages that I do understand and can speak are Russian, English, and Turkish, which is very handy in the SAES community, in my opinion since there are numerous countries in the SAES community.

Your weaknesses: Well, I have got a few weaknesses that I would like to improve.
First of all, although I am a very flexible person it might be quite arduous for me to work with particular personalities such as aggressive personalities. Furthermore, I will manage to deal with an aggressive personality whereas I had this weakness a long time ago. Moreover, I am still working on developing this kind of trait because it is a crucial trait to deliver full potential in your duty.

Second of all, I am an independent person and I do like to work alone most of the times, thus I might have concerns to ask for help which could be a bit of a problem for me because if I will not ask for help and there is lots of work I could be under stress which is unacceptable for me as a consequence I would like to improve this sort of weakness.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes, I do have Discord installed.

Reason for application: As I have gained a lot of experience over lots of time and many great years in the SAES community. I have decided to apply again to SAHA which I have applied for last year but unfortunately for me, I did not make it as I am hoping to make it this time. As I have said that I am playing for many years in the community I think it is my time to try and be a SAHA staff and contribute myself to the beloved community.

Server Memberships: SWAT, PC.

Additional information: As there's no question regarding myself (my background/story) I'll share some details about me so you can get to know me a little better, so my name is David, I'm 23 years old currently residing in Israel I like spending my time at the GYM and play video games in my free time. Besides that, I know some basics of Economy and video editing and so I like to edit some cool videos of my gameplay in many different games.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: N/A.
Previous (legitimate) bans: N/A.

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Decent application though very little activity pre December.

Unfortunately you haven't been successful this time around.

Please try and maintain a consistent level of activity whilst also helping people ingame and on discord to get your name out there.

Best of luck next time

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