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Ingame Event - Sat 9th Jan - 19:00 GMT

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Hi Guys,

I will be hosting a series of in-game events in which 250GBP worth of donation rewards are up for grabs!

Top prize will be 1 x 50 donation reward, 1 x 40 and 8 x 20 equivalent reward for other events.

All you need to do is be in the server at 19:00 GMT (UK / server time) on Saturday 9th Jan.

Those who grief or don't follow rules will be punished with bans until the event night is over.
(These bans will also be counted towards your gang punishments at month-end results)

This event was generously sponsored by @Getskillz (150) and @AkyZ (100) who gave up their donation rewards for this event, so make sure you give them both a thumbs up and take them for a drink in-game.

Good luck to you all.

alt text

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Hi again,

First of all, I want to thank everyone for participating, it has been such an amazing experience. And of course, this would not have happened without our sponsors @Getskillz and @AkyZ , make sure to show them some gratitude ;) .

Event results came as the following:
Event | Prize | Winner(s)

  • | - | - |
    Kill Scorpyo on top of MC | 80 | @Makeeeh
    Floor is Lava Parkour | 50 | @Elegant
    Arrest Getskillz in Jeff motel | 20 | @tokiits
    Run to top MC | 20 | @BurakO
    Find the Rainbow Colored Tractor | 10 | @LAPD_Spanish_VEN
    Team Deathmatch | 20 (10 each) | @Element and @Dudi
    Team Deathmatch | 20 (10 each) | @Elegant and @Rythm
    Parkour | 20 | @Element
    Obstacle Course | 20 | @Elegant
    Police LV Race | 20 | @Howlze

Special thanks to @Versace @Westbrook @KARIM @Filippo @Colobria for their assistance as LWS. Also to SAES/Staff members who helped me a lot during these two days.

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Great work @Scorpyo !

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who took part.

Thanks to all the SAES team and LWS staff who helped out over the weekend and a special thanks to @Getskillz and @AkyZ for sponsoring the event.

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We have hosted a couple more events yesterday night, thanks to @Getskillz !
Winners are the following:
Event | Prize | Winner(s)

  • | - | - |
    Kart race from CLO base to the top of MC | 20 | @Kuby
    NRG Parkour | 20 | @Elegant
    NRG Parkour with ghost mode on | 20 | @Howlze
    Last Man Standing | 20 | @RiKkI

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