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Curny's application for Community Staff


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Your ingame username: freezz.
Your ingame alias: Curny.
Your year of birth: 2002.
Your gender: Male.

Nationality: Israeli.
Country of residence: Israel.

How long you have been playing SAES: I first joined the server about 8 years ago and I've created my first forum account somewhere in 2013, I was a little kid back then so I apologize that I can't precisely tell. I had some time off during the years of 2016-2018, yet I returned to be fully active about 7 months ago.
Qualities you can offer: One of the qualities I can offer can be the way I approach people and the way I communicate with the population surrounding me. I can be a really good listener and I feel an urge to help an individual when he seeks help, even if it is the simplest question on earth. I'm very broad-minded, it can be very difficult to offend me. For instance, an individual insults me or my family, I would just let it slip and ignore the guy. Now let's say he keeps on flaming, I would just have to settle it with the aid of an administrator or a member of the community staff. I also tend to avoid pointless arguments at any cost, when something sparks up.
One of my other advantages is that I can serve as a quite successful problem solver, whether it is in-game or in reality. I find chat fights pretty pointless in my opinion because it is just a game and players within the same community should learn to accept each other for who they are and what they do and along the way, players should try and get along more often without holding a grudge for anyone.
Honesty is one of the most important attributes that I have. In instance, I would never pick a side in a situation of rule breaking, just because I "know" one of the parties better than the others, that would make me feel bad and a hypocritical person if I did so.
Another good attribute that I have, is my dedication to work and to my duty and when it comes to that, I'm a workaholic. No joke, when I'm given a task, I don't get it off my head until it is accomplished perfectly, without no mistakes, and if I do mistakes like everyone else does as human beings, I rush to fix them and I learn from these mistakes for the next time. Speaking of duties, I am very comitted to my job and I respect every order given by the higher-ups, in real life.
I have much more general qualities like my sense of friendship and the ability to detect a lier or a hypocrite when I speak to one.
I'm very unselfish, I always tend to think about others and how they feel before even caring for myself.
Your weaknesses: One of my weaknesses is that I can be too honest and it might offend some people around me when I speak merely truth, yet I'm working on it. Another one can be my perfectionism so it can be difficult to me to let go off a project once I start with it.
I focus too much on details, hence, it can take me hours to find a solution to a complicated situation, after valuing every single detail and that could also be one of my weaknesses. I also feel discomfort when taking risks so I always think twice before reacting to a saying or an action towards me.

Do you have Discord Installed: I sure do.

Reason for application: SAES clan's reputation is certainly a reason. I would be really proud to be a part of the community staff and represent this professional clan of workhorses, who constantly work on improving the server for the joy and gameplay experience of the players. I've been playing in this server for a good while now and I had to make sure I was ready before posting this application. Years after playing in this server, I've acknowledged the majority of the players and their needs and I've got the feeling that I can and I know how to satisfy the community with my aid. Generally, such an opportunity comes once in a while and I couldn't miss the shot because I really have a lot to offer. In addition to the above and as I've already stated, I've been playing this server for years and through my childhood, and I would love to see it running for the rest of my life so this application is a way to contribute of myself to the server. I also call it a way of giving something in return for all the great years of incredible gameplay experience I've been given from you guys.

Server Memberships:
Black Bullets.
The Cuban Embassy - playing the role of a Cuban immigrant.
Global Express Trucking.

Additional information:
I'm very active in-game and on the PC in general, so I can be online more than twelve hours a day and everyday, excluding special occasions in real life where I can't make it.
I've been working as a salesman and was a call center worker in the past so I know how to approach people or a crowd of players (the community in our case).
I was an administrator in a pretty big Garry's Mod community, hence, I've got a lot of experience from there at this field and I've acquired plenty of knowledge during that time.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I only have a single warning for a misunderstanding and we had settled everything between the involved parties.
Previous (legitimate) bans: None.

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