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vektor's Application for Community Staff


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Your ingame username: vektor
Your ingame alias: vektor
Your year of birth: 1997
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Turkish
Country of residence: Turkey

How long you have been playing SAES: 8 years
Qualities you can offer: Its been 8 years in this server and i have earned alot of experience. I got into many groups and managed them and i know how to manage and help people. Also i'm patient enough to listen people and their problems and it doesn't bother me to help them. I have good communication skill. Also i'm a good team mate that always help the team mates.
Your weaknesses: I always find myself into the things that i shouldn't be.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes

Reason for application: Since i'm retired from all my positions , i have a lot of time to spend on community purpose. And i think i know enough to how things are runing. That would be great to use it on community purpose.

Server Memberships: Jumbo Klan , LWS HQ , CS Honorary.

Additional information: I'm Deniz. 23 years old. Studying English Language and Literature but i don't think i'm good at it so i decided to be a investor. I'm spending most of the time on PC since corona out but i used to it already. Also loved to working out but thanks to corona can't even go to gym anymore.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: Admin jailed once.
Previous (legitimate) bans: N/A

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