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James Application for Community Staff


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Your ingame username: James69
Your ingame alias: James
Your year of birth: 1993
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Greek & Australian
Country of residence: Greece

How long you have been playing SAES: 4 Years

Qualities you can offer: I'm able to offer my great English Skills, Loyalty and effort towards the community. I also do have 2 different language skills (German and Greek) that can help to communicate better with players, with the same language skills. Many players know me as a very active Player in the Community the same as in Discord and Forums. I'm always with the newest news up to date and looking carefully around the community what is happening. Managing is one of my first skill, becoming a CS i will manage the Players in the Community to help them not to rule break and Solving problems and reports.

Your weaknesses: The only weakness i have is Being honest.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes i do

Reason for application: The reason is that since I'm Loyal and mature and have knowledge and know how the server works, i should apply. I can be helpful being a part of the CS to help the players and the newbies. Every player should be treated equally, If i become a CS i will always Act in the Fair way . I have spend plenty of playtime in this server and have learned many new things. I would even spend more time by helping the community in the Server.

Server Memberships:

  • SPA - State Prison Authority

  • (EX) ICE - Immigration & Customs Enforcements

  • FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

  • GXT - Global Express Trucking

  • Donator

Additional information: I'm In-game known as James. I was Born in Australia and living currently in Greece. My Language skills are English, German and Greek. I have started to play this Server with 23 Years old and today I'm 27, i have spend 4 years of my life in SAES and i still enjoy it. I'm a successful business man with many responsibility's on me.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: The time i started to play on SAES i have received until now 2 Adminjails. The first punishment was for accidently marker arrest and the second was for Opening the red gate in jail.

Previous (legitimate) bans: In the beginning of my Server time i was banned for using 2 PC's in the same time. I was unbanned after 2 Days for providing valid proof.

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A pretty good application.

"Great" English skills are somewhat arguable but still fine. (Not sure why you use random capital letters mid-sentence).

Not quite sure why you'd think honesty is considered a weakness.

Sadly over January/December your activity fell quite significantly compared to other months.

Better luck next time Mr Rich boi :dollar_banknote:

alt text

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