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Yoko's Application for Community Staff


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Your ingame username: officialjosuea
Your ingame alias: Yoko
Your year of birth: 1995
Your gender: Male

Nationality: American
Country of residence: Honduras

How long you have been playing SAES: I started playing on 2012 and finally created an account on September 2013.

Qualities you can offer:

  • To start of, I'm a very knowledgeable player. I've been part of this community for over 8 years. Like everyone else I've faced issues with people, admins etc. However, from every situation I've learnt about my mistakes. Ever since I started playing, my main goal was to have fun and play by the rules. I've gained enough experience to lead, which leads to my second quality.

  • I am a leader. It is easy to write such statement, yes. But the reason I state this is because I've proven to lead Outbreak to where it is right now, one of the best groups alive with a great leader like Velo at the moment. Although I'm not leading Outbreak anymore...due to many reasons...mainly because I have to take care of LWS as well (group wise) and AA as an HQ (gang wise), yes I'm also leading this great group along Sam and Jokila, It took me a while to stand where I am right now but it all comes to my third quality.

  • I'm a trustworthy person. People often look for someone they can trust. I've been there personally with a lot of people in this community. I have learnt how to treat everyone impartially and objectively, which I will name my last quality.

  • I always try to be impartial with everyone, at the same time I respect those who show respect towards me or the people I play with in this community. I take everything objectively or at least I try to keep it that way.

Your weaknesses:

  • My weakness is perhaps feeling uncomfortable when I haven't finished a job, I always like to keep everything setup and ready to go.

  • I personally hate when someone interrupts me while I'm trying to finish a work or when I'm trying to setup a rush project.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes

Reason for application: I honestly think I can fulfill the job, as I've been playing for a long time, which is a plus. I've been part of the HQ Team of two of the oldest gangs in this server which I'm very proud of, specially Arms Assassins. I've learnt a lot while being surrounded by SAES HQs and Admins/Staff. I know this spot takes a lot of responsibilities and I'm ready to challenge myself. It is worth mentioning I am always online, this will be helpful keep the NA time zone covered in case there are no other admins/staff available.

Server Memberships:

  • Arms Assassins HQ

  • CLO Soldado / Fuerza Area

  • Outbreak HQ Founder

  • LWS Head of HQ

  • Cuban Cars HQ

  • Cuban Embassy Staff

Additional information: Long story short, my name is Josue, I'm a proud latino born in my lovely USA, but due to work and personal matters I live in Honduras. As stated on my previous app, I work for a Canadian gift company assisting people via live chats/emails. I'm studying Graphic Design, and I love to vectorize. It's something I am passionate about, and I intend to make it my full time job once I graduate. I'm 25 years old, very self confident and ready to take any opportunity ahead.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: A few, the most important a ban years ago.
Previous (legitimate) bans: I was banned on 2016 If I'm not mistaken after killing Tombaa, Shaun and Sam-B with a helicopter.

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Decent application, good candidate and clearly a community favourite.

Unfortunately you have not been successful this time around.

Your activity is particularly on the lower end of the spectrum.

Try and get more active and help out more around the server.

Best of luck for next time!

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