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Kruger's Application for SAHA


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Your ingame username: GoldenKruger
Your ingame alias: Kruger
Your year of birth: 2003
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Swedish
Country of residence: Sweden

How long you have been playing SAES:
I first started playing in mid 2019 on a different account, then my laptop decided to kill itself and I was computerless for a few months. When I was creating my account I put in an gmail which I dont remember and a random password because I didnt actually think I would get into SAES. Then I got a brand new pc in mid 2020 and had to create a new account which is the one Im using.

Qualities you can offer:
As I've stated above, I've been playing on SAES for around a year. One year to many is not enough. I believe otherwise, my playtime shouldn't be an obstacle as what matters the most is what I can offer to the community. You can think of it as either giving your efficient 1-year employee a manager position.

I'm driven by my intentions which are to help out fellow community members. SAES has given me fun times and friendships. I would like to return the favor to SAES and I believe this is a great way of doing it.

I'm good at communicating with other players even with language barriers, I still somehow manage to figure out what the other wants. I'm unbiased when it comes to dealing with people, I don't care which gang/squad or group you're in, I'll still treat you like others. I also don't like to give an advantage to my squadmates, that's just scummy.

I always like to and try to give a good impression on someone, I want people to be more comfortable with SAHA Agents and not to hesitate to call us.

I will bring my unique problem-solving ability to the team. I am experienced in many areas related to staffing/moderating. I've worked with several Garry's Mod servers as Staff which gave me a lot of experience to deal with players especially as Garry's Mod can have all types of players, even those who transcend the world of annoyance

Your weaknesses:
This isnt really a major weakness but I believe it should still be mentioned nonetheless. The weakness is my timezone, Im online at peak hours and that's also when there are other SAHA available. But, thats not always a bad thing, the more SAHA there is at peak hours the more people SAHA can deal with.

Another weakness of mine is school. I am a teenager and school is a priority for me. I am not saying that I will go dead inactive when school starts, no. What I am trying to say is that when I have a test next week, for example, I won't be online for as many hours as I would've been if I didn't have a test.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes, Krugerr#8018. Hit me up

Reason for application:
Like I've mentioned previously, SAES has given me a lot. I've made friends in this community and have had a lot of fun times. I enjoy the gameplay that SAES provides and love its innovations like the Bank Robberies and Jail-breaks.

But why am I interested in SAHA?

The least I can do to SAES is return the favor and I believe SAHA will help me out to do so. SAHA is a position where I am able to help out others regarding properties. Furthermore, a SAHA position would allow me to take on a more influential responsibility which would make me as a person feel better that I am able to help out. Moreover, becoming SAHA will allow me to talk to more people and hopefully create more friendships. I am an immaculate and scrupulous person, which aids me in the task of performing duties as a SAHA without screwing up.

Plus, the first thing that grabbed my attention when I joined SAES was properties. I've always been interested in these sorts of features where you can buy something and sell it which creates an economy. I find the fact that properties have a value and a market very fascinating.

Server Memberships:

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation ~ Special Agent In-Charge (Equivalent of sHQ)

  • Department Of Homeland Security - Undercover Unit

  • San Andreas Police Department ~ ProCops

  • State Prison Authority - Leader

Additional information:
I will use this section of the application to tell you guys a bit about myself. I go by the name Kruger and I like to keep my real-life information private. The only time I share them with others is if I've known you for some time. The only other time I might share my information if it's completely necessary. My plans for the future are to become either a Police Officer or something with finance. Being a police officer is adventurous but has mediocre pay but working in finance will make me cash. I am a chill guy and laid back, so don't go out calling me "sir".

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: None, I'm clean.

Previous (legitimate) bans: None, I'm clean.

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A very good application with decent activity and almost clean record.

Unfortunately you haven't been successful this time around.
May I recommend you spend some time helping out on discord and ingame to get your name out there.

Thanks for your interest.

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