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Law's Application for SAHA


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Your ingame username:Hell11.

Your ingame alias: UE|Law.

Your year of birth: 27/08/1988.

Your gender: Male.

Nationality: Egyptian.

Country of residence: Egypt.

How long you have been playing SAES: 23rd Sep 2019.

Qualities you can offer: I am very active in game Try helping all in server
seas rpg for me not just server for game its place I enter to see friends from all world share with them crazy funny even sadness moments try to show respect to all from new players to old players in server.
My trolling in game and my videos maybe make few players not happy with it but my goal in it to make all try hard to make game more fun to all cause no point from game if you don't have a challenges and goals you want reaching it in game with enjoyment.

Your weaknesses: maybe little lag I got it but not all time I have stable network now
my English skills not good but still working on it.

Do you have Discord Installed: YES .

Reason for application: when I was a new player try to ask around very low players helped me until I start to learn about RPS and rules server, so I do all my best to help new players if they ask in main chat try answer, trying to do what I can to help.

I was working on inactive requests and I have good experience how it works and what saha provide to help all in seaserpg.
Never insulting any one just trolling around trying to have fun with all.
When I have good ideas try to suggest it for make server special place all love it and have more fun in it

Server Memberships: Underground Empire (level 2)

  • San Andreas Studios (HQ)

  • all load trucking

  • outbreak organization

  • Government : Senator

Additional information: I am Karim from Egypt, my age 32 I have good time for play cause my life situation
I love community of seasrpg try to make all see that in my videos,
I know My chances of being accepted are low, but I'm just have a try.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: its only 1 when I just started playing in the server but was nothing series.

Previous (legitimate) bans: ban for attitude to ronseal, but it was mean to be a joke sorry to offend him.

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