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SKY-911- Application for Community Staff


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Your ingame username: sawadogo1
Your ingame alias: SKY-911-
Your year of birth: 1998
Your gender: Male

Nationality: American
Country of residence: United States of America

How long you have been playing SAES: I have been playing since the year of 2013, that would be roughly 7 years.

Qualities you can offer: I definitely would say that I am open minded, avoid unnecessary petty drama, would also say that I am very mature and a problem solver when it comes to conflicts also able to be fair when it comes to situations. due to my schedule, I am mainly on at night times Eastern, when the server is half empty. I do not have the answers to everything, I am a person that always leaves a mind open willing to face new challenges and learn new things everyday.

Your weaknesses: I wouldn't say I have any obvious ones but I do procrastinate sometimes.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes

Reason for application: I have always wanted to be part of the SAES team. I do enjoy assisting and helping people. On this server people do come and go on this server and I believe, as a long term member here, its a great idea to give back to the community by enhancing the player experience for new players and for the future. Many of us have grown up on this server and it has shaped many of us and has had a major impact in our lives. I also mentioned that I am a night time player on the server, during those times.. most staff and admins are off due to time zones and I believe I can fill that role during those times when help is needed.

Server Memberships: I am a member of SWAT, ALT and ProCops

Additional information: none to add, keeping it simple brief and honest as possible.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I have been muted in the past years
Previous (legitimate) bans: N/A

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