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WenDo's Application for SAHA


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Your ingame username: trymebitch
Your ingame alias: WenDo
Your year of birth: 2003
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Macedonian
Country of residence: Germany

How long you have been playing SAES: I started playing SAES around 2011, that makes around 10 years. Of course, I had some time off and on. I didn't play straight for 10 years. Have been 1-2 years inactive just checking hows going and on friends.
Qualities you can offer: To be honest, I think, I can offer many qualities. As I'm and old and experienced player which learned a lot from his mistakes. I can proudly stay today and talk about my career here. I had some ups and downs, but I've learned a lot of them and that has strengthen up my personality and my self-confidence. I'm a person which strives for more responsibility and got a lot Eagerness to learn. I love to try new stuff and help the people with it. I think my problem-solving skills are on a good level, I always pinpoint a need and address it, so be sure to recount instances when I recognize an issue and develop an effective solution. I also have bunch of free time which can be a advantage in working successfully, I can be always there for help, as I'm most likely more than 8 hours in-game daily. Also my big quality is that I love to spread Positivity. I always avoid any conflicts or anything related to it. I'd rather make friends and be helpful than make myself enemies. What I cannot deny is, that I love to take responsibility. I always seek for opportunities which lead to getting a task to do or somehow help others. That reliability has a big meaning for me is also a fact. When I say or promise to do something, I always fulfill and keep my words.
Your weaknesses: Well, there are for sure more than I know, but what I can definitely say is, I'm a little kind of perfectionist. I want to finish the tasks given or promises I made, I like to make them as perfect as possible. Which in fact also means that I'm very much of a detail-oriented.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes, I do.

Reason for application: There are actually many reasons for my application. Main reason is that I love to take responsibilities and love to help the people. I have much free time and I use it playing SAES, which leads sometimes to just sitting around and surfing through the forum and the older topics. Firstly, I thought that there's just Community Staff application but as I see that people can choose. I love the tasks of a SAHA, I like dealing with houses and everything around it. I believe, I can bring a lot of activity and help to the community, because as I see some days there are the SAHA members busy and can't help the players. I'm sure, I would have enough time and wills to help everyone sort their stuff.

Server Memberships:

  • Medellin Cartel [gang] - Leader

  • Cunning Stunts - Leader

  • RadioSA - HQ

  • Global Express Trucking - HQ

  • Outbreak Organization - Rookie

  • ZIP Construction - Worker

  • LoungeVC - Member

  • The Motor Heads - Technician

  • SA Fire Department - Probationary Firefighter

Additional information: I'd like to tell a little about myself. My name is Filip, I'm currently still doing school and probably next year starting with a job and school combined. I'm heading into the Logistics section. I'm a calm and helpful person and enjoy playing the server. Currently is MTA the only game that still is fun to me and play it daily. I love the community and having a long conversations with friends and making new friends within the new players.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I got few troll mutes by admin/staff friends and 1 adminjail so far in the last 2 years.
Previous (legitimate) bans: Well, I got a ban in 2014 I believe. To be honest, I was too young and never thought of the consequences or anything similar. I had some friends which told me they can make and give me scripts to make a server. I didn't thought about anything and made it, which caused mess and I closed it right after a SAES member has told me that the scripts I got, are actually a stolen old SAES scripts. I got banned for it and served enough time. In the meantime, I got mature and started to look to the things from both sides and reflect the consequences before doing. I realized that i'm connected to the server and that I love the community the server has. Nowadays, I focused on building up a career and have a successful gang and high positions in other groups.

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Very good application and excellent ingame activity.

However you've had quite a large sum of mutes in the past few months

Unfortunately you need to help individuals more ingame and on discord to get noticed a bit more.

Better luck next time!

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