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Woytex's application for community staff


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Your ingame username: Woytex
Your ingame alias: jack269
Your year of birth: I've been borned on 29th september 2000.
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Slovenian
Country of residence: Republic of Slovenia

How long you have been playing SAES: I've been here since 2014, not always active but I've always came back.
Qualities you can offer: The qualities that I can offer to you is my availability, if not ingame at least on discord, since I've started with MTA & RPG servers long time ago, I know pretty much everything, I also have an ambition to be a good LUA programmer, because at the moment I know only basics but it's dragging me more into it day by day. I've been admin before on another server for some months and I must say that I never really had a problem with players inside it, always had good relations and always got to the solution to provide satisfaction to everyone. I must says that I just cannot stop and I am always looking forward to do more and make things interesting to players, still I think that players these days needs a lot of support and I would almost always be available to help them.

Your weaknesses: My weaknes could be trusting people too much sometimes.

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes, I do.

Reason for application: I must say that being a community staff on such great community would be a pleasure to me, because I like to interact with folks, I like to make them happy, I know that I could solve a lot.

Server Memberships: I am the president of Hell Raisers motorcycle club, radio SA Dance Dept. DJ and the member of the motor heads.

Additional information: I don't have much to add, but I know that it was worth writting this application even if I wont be accepted, because I know that's something that I would like to do.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I've been muted by Steven for five hours but after a couple of minutes I was unmuted and I think it's cool.
Previous (legitimate) bans: I've been banned recently for impersonating Tut in a server with leaked scripts, I must say that by accepting me to the team you would save the time by banning me because I would no longer need to impersonate. Just a silly joke, yes I've done this and I am not proud of it, I've done my time and I must say that I hella missed times in here since it's been around 6 years in SAES and I've learned a lot, I've found friendships that I would never imagine from a game, but to find a community like this one, is, I would say, fucking impossible. Thank you for your time, cheers.

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Average application and decent activity.

Unfortunately you haven't been successful this time around.

Try and help out more ingame and on discord to get your name out there a bit more. Alternatively spend more time growing your gang and helping out new individuals and getting them involved.

Best of luck for next time.

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