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Rocosos Application for SAHA


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Your ingame username: Understaked015
Your ingame alias: Rocoso
Your year of birth: 2002
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Colombian
Country of residence: Colombia

How long you have been playing SAES: 5 Years
Qualities you can offer: I consider myself to be a very active person and that I can dedicate a great part of my time to help people who require the services, I also try to be the most responsible and committed to what I do. Also basic things like respect towards other players, I try to offer the best of me whenever I am in charge of doing some function or some task.
Your weaknesses: Well, I don't think I have any serious weaknesses, but if I have to mention some I can say that sometimes I am a little slow

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes, of course

Reason for application: I think the biggest reason and the most predominant reason why I am applying to SAHA is because I think that many times there are quite a few people who are in need of the services of a saha staff, and to which it is understandable that we all have a busy life outside the game and for that reason sometimes you have to wait a couple of hours to get help from the staff, Which I'm not saying that it's bad to wait a couple of hours only that I think that if there are saha personnel of different nationalities so they can vary the schedules in which to provide the service, then the main reason is to provide activity and make a little shorter waiting time.

Server Memberships:

San Andreas Federal Police - HQ
San Andreas Interceptos - HQ
San Andreas Medics - Member
Secret Service - Agent
Homeland Segurity - Member
Radio SA- OS
San Andreas Police Departament- PC

Additional information: Well my real name is Juan david, my reason for joining SAHA is to help other players and people who need this service, I spend most of my time in saes enjoying and having fun, I also like to do various sports in real life, I try to be sociable and respectful of other people I know, I try to take things as seriously as possible and I put the best of my efforts

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: was only mutated once for speaking Spanish on the mainchat
Previous (legitimate) bans: I have not received any kind of punishment like AJ much less a ban

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