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VeX's Application for Community Staff


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Your ingame username: vex12345
Your ingame alias: VeX
Your year of birth: 2005
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Croatian.
Country of residence: Germany - Karlsruhe

How long you have been playing SAES: When I was younger I was playing (during 2013-4) with my cousins and friends, After few years I came back.
Qualities you can offer:
I have lots of qualities such a bein fair and mature person and I can not watch and allow injustice.
I am also very intelligent person and I can help SAES players in any way.
Since im Croatian I can speak and understand 6/11 Balkan languages and help players who do not speak English.
Also, I am living in Germany for two years soon and also Im speaking German.
I'm also very active and I can do lots of Staff jobs.

Your weaknesses: I was childish but, I've changed with lots of experiances.
Also, I don't trust people alot.

Do you have Discord Installed: Of course

Reason for application:
As I've seen, SAES Admins are very busy with their jobs and I have alot of free times, I would like to be one of people that helping newbies and other people in any case.
Its hard to watch newbies running around like they have no head and I think i can help alot of them, they're also abusing/deathmatching but I dont think it is their foult and I think there should be someone who can teach them and explain to them what they should do I think Im right person because Im understandful and I
have alot of patience, Im not that kind of person who will abuse panel and just adminjail newbies while they dont know nothing.
We all were newbies once.

Server Memberships:

Los Lunas - Leader & Founder
The Motor Heads - Probationary Member

Additional information: I dont think I will be rated high or be in high position but there is always possibility to reach your goal, I think you will understand my past moves in my career.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: Admin jail about 8 months ago, I've killed two people cause they provoked on me for 3 months already and I didnt have any proof to report them.
Also in that period I had some shits in real live, I came in game to chill and i didnt have peace.
Previous (legitimate) bans: I've never been banned.

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Average application however your playtime and punishment record have been decent for the past couple months.

Unfortunately you haven't been successful this time around.

Spend your time growing and making your gang as best as it can be whilst at the same time helping new players and introducing them to your gang. This will hopefully help you accomplish a successful gang and reputation which will likely aid you in the future.

Thanks for your interest,

alt text

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