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Happy Holidays 2021


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Yes, 2020 has been a strange, confusing and frightening time with the Covid-19 pandemic, but through it all, it has been great to see the support and camaraderie between SAES members, helping each other through a difficult period. This truly is a great community of video game players!

With the various lock-downs in so many countries at various times throughout the year, it seems understandable that gamers found some comfort in playing classics such as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and many other games!

Without a doubt there is a great list of admins and staffs, we would not have SAES that it is today. They work hard, and in their free time (this is all voluntary work after all!), to bring us, SAES community, many events and a lot of fun this year, and they deserve a heartfelt thank you.

Thank you all for your hard work!

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