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Show us your favourite property! (ingame)


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Hello everyone, as we all know SAES is a server full of house whores lovers and fanatic (myself included), so I was surprised to see, while scrolling in the forums, that there was still no topic about showing everyone your favourite props, thus the idea! To keep this topic clean, cool and respectful, it will have some rules to be followed and a format to be filled in to post your entry.


Property name:
How long since you got this property:
How did you get this property:
Why is this property your favourite one:
1 (or more) pro about this property:
1 (or more) con about this property:
RP backstory for the property (optional):
Any additional info:
Screenshots of the property:


  • Post only properties that you currently own.

  • De gustibus non disputandum est, everyone taste's different, do not offend/criticate other's favourite props, even if you think they are not as cool as they consider them to be.

  • You can post more than 1 prop per post, but for each property you have to fill in the format.

  • Do not post offers replying to someone's property. Auctions topics can be found here. If you really want to offer someone in game cash to buy/trade their property PM them ingame or in forums but please, do not offer here.

That's it, have fun and keep it cool!

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