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Recent rule violations


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Hello all,

In light of recent events, we find it necessary to make some clarifications regarding rule number #16.

  • Offering to purchase products or services on SAES (eg. Money, Group Access, Properties etc.) using any real-life currency or substitute for currency (Gift Cards etc.) is strictly forbidden. Players found making or accepting these offers will be banned from SAES services. Failure to report an offer made to you to a SAES Clan Member will also find you in breach of this rule.

Even though the rule is worded clearly, it still seems to be causing confusion between many people in the community, and lately, it has come to our attention that some people have been trying to abuse that.

It is strictly forbidden to pay real-life money to purchase in-game items or currency as it is written in rule 16. In other words, you are not allowed to give another player real money in exchange of in-game cash, property, group membership etc.

Don't confuse this with giving another player in-game cash in order for him to donate on your behalf. They are different things. Giving another player in-game cash in order for him to make a donation to SAES on your behalf is allowed, however, the donating side is obligated to make the donation directly to SAES, meaning that you are not allowed to send real-life money to other people's personal bank accounts in exchange of in-game items.

I'll dumb it down:

You give someone in-game money --> He donates real money to SAES on your behalf = ~[OK]~(lime)
You give someone in-game money --> He sends real money to your bank account = ~[NOT OK]~(red)

Do not send real money to other players' personal bank accounts, even if they claim that they will donate it to SAES afterwards, don't believe it. If you receive a similar offer to this, you are supposed to report it to SAES Staff.

If we find any scams or trades done via this route, we will ban everyone involved (including the "victim").


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