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Important for people who RPs


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Hello there, I post this in the blackhole because I think everyone checks memes so it's easier to find this shit. So, straight to the point:

Lately I have been contacted by quite a lot of people asking either for RP organization or for the old RP town project. Well, the thing is I can't do everything on my own as you can understand. If roleplayers don't work together to organize stuff I'm totally unable to do anything, so don't blame me when a RP association goes fully inactive or initiatives like the RP town die. This is my LAST TRY to gather again those who want to have some fun with RP and maybe even other things related to the game that require organization.

So, what I ask here is, do you want RPs to be organized or RP town to be revived? Join this shit: https://discord.gg/Nk8sbGrFg9
And please, don't wait for me to do the whole thing, start the discussion and the ideas so I can take these and try to make them real ingame. Thanks, see you there for more information!

edit: please if you know people who may be interested send them this post thanks!

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