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Si Harbi

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-Nickname: LH|>Harbi
-Account name: Harbouchaa
-Rate your English:7/10
-Other languages that you speak except English: french or arabic
-Tell us how much time you have spent in the game: 40H
-Previous Organisations and why have you left/been Kicked? :
-Did you read the rules of F1?: The important ones
-Someone DMs you. What do you do?: i respond
-If you have ever been punished by the SAES Communty (Ban, Kick, Admin Jail, Mute)? : Mute for speaking other language than english
-Why do you want be part of family?: i saw how u look like a pretty familly so i wanted to join
-Do you know anyone from the gang who suggested u to apply for us?: Nope
-Explain who we are ( Los Lunas ) and whats our roleplay? : i don't know exactly but a gang
-Why did you choose Los Lunas among all the gangs?: i love the way they look like a familly
-Have you had the chance to hang around with Los Lunas members? if so, who?: Yes with vex oussema TeTe and saoud

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