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=RolePlay #
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Roleplay with : LSD
Participants :@LSD
Story: Scott, half African-American, half Mexican, originally born is Los Santos had a very traumatic childhood. He was a rather happy kid until his parents broke up, which caused him to move back to Mexico with his father. He was only 10 at the time. As years passed he started becoming more angry and violent and joined a small street gang. He met new friends there, but he quickly started substance abuse and theft. After he turned 15, he dropped out of school and focused on his gang activities. Drugs caused him to have severe psychological issues but it only got worse after his father was brutally murdered. Scott tried to commit suicide twice by overdosing but he never succeed. He didn't want to interfere with his gang anymore, so he moved back to LS, hoping to find and reunite with his mother. He is now 21 years old and he still hasn't overcome his chronic drug addiction or his psychological issues. On top of that, in order to survive he started robbing, selling drugs and stealing vehicles, which caused him to already have a terrible criminal record.
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-Account name:
-Rate your English:
-Other languages that you speak except English:
-Tell us how much time you have spent in the game:
-Previous Organisations and why have you left/been Kicked? :
-Did you read the rules of F1?:
-Someone DMs you. What do you do?:
-If you have ever been punished by the SAES Communty (Ban, Kick, Admin Jail, Mute)? :
-Why do you want be part of family?:
-Do you know anyone from the gang who suggested u to apply for us?:

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