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Ladies and Gentlemen,

since we've recently became official, we at Lounge would like to become more transparent when it comes to our rules. Till today they mostly were written within the contracts between Lounge VC and their employees and haven't been elsewhere listed.

If you find one of our members breaking any of these rules please report such behavior immediately to any of the Lounge Executives (for complete roster visit this link).

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  • When spawned as Lounge you represent us. Respect other players and do not look down on them.

  • Do not go to SRs/BRs and Jailbreaks.

  • Do not spawn with more than 10 stars and always surrender if being chased by a police officer.

  • You may wear our tags Lounge| or LoungeVC| - It is however not mandatory.

  • Don't leave chains between you and the other employees.

  • Usage of the event and construction panel is restricted to executives only.

  • Usage of the construction and event panel outside of an alternative dimension is strictly forbidden.

  • Usage of the event panel to host events is strictly forbidden if it isn't Race Wars / Gang Wars or any other major event.

  • Your main goal with given features is to build for Lounge VC. That includes maps for gang wars or tracks for race wars or any other major events.

Rules for Gang Wars can be found here: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/12741/lounge-rules
Rules for Race Wars can be found here: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/20810/race-wars-rules

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