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Security Group Services - Event


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Hello there,

Some of you have seen us around the past weeks but not that actively. It is because we were working behind the scenes on stuff we need to make the group more better and experienced in the comunity.

Well SGS decide to make a big event . The event will be around San Andreas all you have to do is to kill the president but there will be 8 or 10 bodyguards near the president and they will try to Kill you and protect the president.

Cops can take part in this event by supporting us and protect the president .

Everyone of you is welcome to the event, The winner will get $5.000.000 , we can raise the price , so if SGS and cops win we have a good surprise for them.

Location: Around San Andreas
Date & Time: 4/08/2020 - 16:00 In-game time

Write it down or mark it in your calendar, do not miss the fun and the cash which you can win!

Well some peoples will ask when event will end , well event time is 30 Minutes so you have to be fast !

Not allowed to destory our cars using planes/Helis like shamal or hydra for CLO.
When we say stop ! means stop ! do not continue.
No Teams ! do not take 3 peoples in your car and shoot us !
That's the rules for now ! if we hace more we will explain ingame.

For cops : Also we will recruit some experienced bodyguards so don't lose this chance and try your luck, join our discord : https://discord.gg/p2zrRH

Best Of Luck!
Securing of Properties,
Chief of Unit,

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