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Ladies and Gentlemen,

As we didnt have a proper recruitment process before and as it was based on an invitation only system, we thought wed need a change in our current process. Therefore, we have decided to come up with a new way:

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**First Stage:** Candidates should fill in the Google Form which will be provided below.
**Second Stage:** By passing the first stage, you will be doing an interview on discord with one of our executives.
**Third Stage:** We will contact you if we think you fit in. This can take a while as you are applying for future vacancies.

Passing all three stages will guarantee you a spot among as an employee. However, please read the job descriptions carefully before applying.

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Marketing Department: Is responsible for marketing activities. Specifically, for marketing communications including advertising, promotions, public relations such as market research and customer service.

Financial Department: Is responsible for calculations within the company. That includes: salaries, bonuses and financial charts. It also has the primary responsibility to manage the companys finances including financial planning, management of financial risks such as record-keeping and financial reporting.

Hosting Services: Makes sure that everything is prepared and ready for match-day. Host Services have the right to change or stop matches according to the situation and will be making sure all rules are adhered to. Youll also be working closely with the Project Department by improving existing maps. As a host service, you also have the responsibility to build maps or tracks for future tournaments and championships.

Betting Services: Is responsible to collect bets placed and confirm them. The bet services are also responsible to payout the winnings to our professional gamblers. Communication is the key here, as you will be working directly with our customers!

Lounge TV: This department is responsible for streaming matches and making it accessible for everyone. This includes Podcasts and Interviews.

alt text

Please note:

During the second stage, the interview can be done via voice chat or through text on Discord. The choice will depend on the executive who will be giving the interview.

You are applying for future vacancies. This means you wont be contacted immediately. We will get back to you if we think you fit in.

Here is the LINK for the Google Application Format.
We wish you the best of Luck!

Marketing Manager of Lounge VC,

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