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TSAC Conference room
The San Andreas Communist Party, used to be one of the fastest growing parties of SAES. Also with it's party leader running for president in February 2017, a private space for the party was required. However, since the party wasn't part of the government yet, they had no ability to make use of the already excisting conference rooms. Therefore I got contracted to build their own conference room.
The location of the building is in Las Venturas, north west of the stadium.

Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/gSXvu

Client: TSAC
Date: December 2016

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DE Tactical team deathmatch zone
Because of the raising amount of soldiers in Desert Eagles and it's need to train somewhere properly, a proper place to train at became highly necessary. Most of the times Ghost Town was being used for tactical operation trainings like that. However since it is a public area, the risk of getting across civillians or even criminals was high. Still the Desert Eagles needed a realistic way in order to simulate the elimination of the enemy. The large base of DE was perfect but it was still missing a training area and therefore I got contracted to build one.

Screenshots under construction: http://imgur.com/a/V5fST
Screenshots final stage: http://imgur.com/a/eg6ed

Client: DE
Date: May 2017

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