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Company's Warehouse Rebuild

#Construction_number: 1
Number of objects: 1350
ZIP Managers were called to rebuild an old warehouse that had burned out and few months it was all ruined.

Some ss of the old ruined warehouse - https://imgur.com/a/xPsZj56


After a long discussions in ZIP HeadQuartes, I was choosed to resolve that work. They gave me the project ideas and I checked what would i need for this build and tried to improve few aspects.

The job was done in 1 month of hard work, every day we were there building and building to finish this project fast as possible. ZIP are getting more constructions to do and we need to be fast building that.
Our company is growing every day !

The Company's warehouse have two big divisions inside, the operation part and the warehouse. Warehouse have two access for forklifts, one for big trucks and other for the small ones. Boss's office is planted in the first floor of the operation division.

Hope you enjoy it !

Link to the Album:


Best Regards.

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San Fierro Food Market

#Construction_number: 2
Number of objects: 215
Story Simple work. We will have an event in 15th of May in San Fierro, where few food companies, like Cluckin Bell, Las Venturas Steakhouse and few more small companies, will present the best food services in San Andreas.
There is different spaces for each company because it depends the m2 (squared meters) they rent. They have one common space to wash the plates and recycle the bin.

Event will have a big food lounge in the middle for all citizens in San Andreas. 2$ for entrance.

Hope to see you guys there enjoying some fresh food.

Link to the Album:


Best Regards.

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alt text

San Fierro SPA

#Construction_number: 3
Number of objects: 320
Story ZIP were called to project and to build a new Premium SPA in San Fierro.

Premium SPA consists in three different rooms with different prices. We have the main room, with 10 massage beds, the cheapest one.

We have too the VIP room with 2 massage beds and the best one is the executive room with only one.

All ZIP employees got a free pass to try the Premium massage in VIP room. Enjoy it.

Link to the Album:


Best Regards.

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alt text

Las Venturas - San Fierro Highway Lounge

#Construction_number: 4
Number of objects: 167
Story Today, in partnership with Highway's company in San Andreas, ZIP builded a lounge there for Las Venturas visitors or who just pass there.
You will be able to eat something and take a rest with a greatfull view and some nice sound too.

Lounge is being refueled by Noodle's Market and the Clow's Ice Cream every day at the mornings, you can count with fresh food everydays.

Hope we see you there !

Link to the Album:


Best Regards.

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alt text

Waves Energy Station

#Construction_number: 5
Number of objects: 451
Story As we all know, energy in San Andreas is getting some troubles, so, ZIP and the Government decided to work together and improve the clean energy development around San Andreas.

First Station is done, we started building this 1 month ago. We have planned two teams of 10 workers, working 6 hours per day each team. Everything is done and working.

We have the station divided in two different sections. First section is the working zone, like the "factory floor".

In that section we have space for 4 worker (1 of them is the chief of production). They have dormitorys there because sometimes they need to sleep in the station to increase the percentage of producion.

The system logic isn't that hard to understand. We have the waves from the ocean, then we catch those water movements and transform that on energy by generators. On generators we have 3 different stages:

  • Stage 1, is the small machine's house where we can find 3 different types of generators, for 3 different sub-stages to put the tension more higher.

ss - https://imgur.com/a/NcdA7Ig

  • Stage 2, This is the main generator stage. This one receives energy from the machine's house, with an tension around 5 000 and 7 000 Volts and transforms it to 15 000 Volts, it means the high voltage.

ss - https://imgur.com/a/4RW2ayb

  • Stage 3, the last stage is where we store the energy and keep it with 15 000 Volts but we increase the intensity. Then we share that eletricity around Bone County and Los Quebrados

ss - https://imgur.com/a/wxkVQ0d

The second part of the station is composed in the main headquarter. There we can find the CEO's office, an office for more 4 workers and a class room for the new workers who join the "Clean Energy company".

Link to the Album:


Best Regards.

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