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Fight Club Public Tournament


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^[Dear underground citizens, Fight club is organizing a fight with you again]

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^[Fight Club is a fighting club that organizes illegal underground fights.]

^[The Fight Club had prepared a bet for you by putting the boxers on the stage in the previous tournament. But now they are preparing a boxing tournament where you can participate!]

alt text

^[But what exactly will we gain? You will win this!]

^[Our boxing tournament will be gradual. the invincible person will earn $ 50 million!]

^[The winner boxer's money will be paid 1 week after the final match.]

^[50M $ will be paid with the betting supports given by you.]

alt text

  • Each participant has the right to renew once, losing once causes elimination!

  • Skills, Knives, Brass Knuckles, Sticks, Drug uses are prohibited.

  • Over 200 ping boxing tournaments cannot be played , We are not responsible for the pings in the middle of the match!

  • We have the right to stop the match.

  • Timed out / Game crash causes elimination during the match.

  • Each match is 3 rounds

alt text

  • Participation period is open until the 10th day of May.

  • Bets will be opened after the players are determined.

  • Participation fee is 1.000.000$

  • Match dates will be determined on the day the bets are opened.

Fight Club Discord: https://discord.gg/snyrsDY

Registration form;

**In game name**: 
**Account name**:
**Discord name**:

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