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Double sided faces of some community members


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Hello fellow players,

I just wanted to lit up a situation that some fellow players of our community are extremely double faced. Indeed this is something many of us know and it would be no need to make a topic about it, however I had the need to do this as what I had seen has gone trough an extreme quanity of double faceness.

Let me start of with the situation. Yesterday night someone that basically "makes recorded tutorials" to help new players had reported one of our members to our staff team for "deathmatching". In the first case we wanted to negotiate, but we asked for proof and screens. Once we deemed that the proof was false we had been treathened that our way of solving reports and the fact that our members are deathmatchers will be reported to the "GM".

Let me start of with the part that our member got reported for the fellow user had uploaded it on his own channel where he also uploaded the video of the deathmatching case, however deleted it afterwards. We already had everything settled up incase of any kind of report and already screen recorded it.

Here is the case that of "deathmatching".
In the first part of the video there is said in dutch. " Lock your bike up, and wait for the guy to come". It clearly indicates that those fellow community members just have intentions to "bully" new community members and fish up as many reports as possible instead of actually presenting us what they look like.

Anyways I hope this user will update his topic with a recorded tutorial on how to frame people and how to make up proof to "GM report" gangs.

Goodluck on the next community staff / SAHA recruitment.

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@gunslinger as you can see from the video and the post itself the 4 guys that aimed and shot to provoke on Sneiken had reported him for "deathmatching" as he trew a nade in return to both NavM staff and admins as he claimed in PM. After that we had said in PM that we will not contribute in any action and we got treathened with a "GM report".

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Haven't we all acted a bit foolish sometimes? The person locked his own bike, provoked a bit and then the new guy went for it. Both side can be blamed for this and don't act so childish by making this public. You could have handled it between the both of you.

This is just an act for attention which is a small issue.


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Excuse me? Getting treathened to get GM reported while deeming the situation false makes us childish / pathetic? The post is made to warn community members for a few under us I just want to see what you would do when I as a person with a kinda bad reputation on the server did the exact same

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Lmao, what a hassle.
Bit pathetic that you look for attention here and try to bury me into the ground.
It was handled in-game and was done by that.

This pal' stole Purpleweed his bike so we followed him up, as soon as he entered the bank. So we locked it and waited outside for him just to give him a 'scare'.
As soon as he ran off, Purpleweed shoot indeed towards the lad' but missing him on purpose and as you can see by his health, all he shot at was the ground and the wall. He did not hit him, then he started to throw a nade, sure fine.

But what is really pathetic is that you cut the video in half and not showing the part were we just stood there and he started to kill us.
His health was the same, during the entire video.
See here:

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@Bart Aren't you supposed to ''help'' people out such as newbies? Not report them? That is a pure bully by your side maybe find something else to do instead of trying to be a dick? The guy got scared, thought you are going to kill him. I'd rape your asses too, not gonna lie.

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@Petrow Why would I be supposed to help people? The guy did indeed got scared sure that nade was fine but then we stood still and just started to kill us after we stopped long time.

Yes, maybe it was reported a bit too fast and for that, I apologize.
But I don't get why this has to be such a hassle, it has been handled in-game.

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Kinda weird the guy that's asking for attention is posting 60% of the video.
If you ask my opinion in this, story we had no intention of baiting reports or bullying the guy.
Otherwise I would have shot on him, not next to him.
Besides that, the guy got scared so throwed the nade.
We understand that part, so we dont report him on that situation.
But as you can see on the reply video, you see the guy killing me after the incident.
This was pure overkill, (no reason to kill)

(no reason to kill) = (Deathmatching)

We were just having a fun, we would not expect that he would throw nade and kill 2 of us.
Common criminal would not have done that if you ask me.

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Let's stop and prevent a flame war.

I'd say both of the parties were wrong here.
Yes, we (I) should've not reported him so quickly. Our intention was just to have a laugh and scare him, but did not attempt to bait him or whatsoever.
Understandable was the nade part, but the killing was unnecessary if you ask me.

Once again, I apologize for reporting so quickly, it was just a bad moment for me.
Also, it has been handled in-game and it's done by that.
Like our wise man @Bartman said, 500 bucks is the price we should've pay.

Also, I'd like to note that I do not take any responsibility of @Purpleweed his immature posts.
Asked him multiple times to stop but he is that stubborn to keep putting oil onto the fire.

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@Bartman said in Double sided faces of some community members:

hospital is just 500 dollar mens, you provoke? so you deverse DM

everything you speak its like listening to the gods themselfs
Theres plenty of reason to shoot there 3 people aiming at him + shooting in is direction i would have taken it as an attack and returned fire
so yes @Purpleweed would be considered baiting if you did it then stood still to show you "didnt do anything" theres already a reason on the line above as bartman said you provoked it now move on with the outcome

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Deathmatching = Killing without reason
Provoking = Reason
Killing someone provoked you = 100% legal
+Provoking someone then reporting him counts as fake reporting and the guy who did that is the one who supposed to get punished. That's ofc if F1 Rules applies on every community player.

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Hello @Bart, thanks for your apologizes and contrubition.

Even tough it looks a bit that you're coming clean after the recent events we still would like to accept your apology.

I also would like to clear the "editing part". The edited video was the only evidence we had of the situation as yours had been deleted at the time. If it causes a bit of confusing sorry for it, we did not have any other evidence to present it at the time.

In the end the topic will not be deleted by us it will be a great settle point to reflect to here once actions like this repeat itself not only by you or other community members.

Once again thank you for your apology.

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