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Modshop and modded vehicles issues i saw ...... (a Debate not a report)


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Hello guys , its me here Lorch , i wanna ask all SAES players here , did you guys face any of these problems here , its about the modshop or so called Nanoshop , i pmed him to tell him about the stuff i saw in my experience with modded vehicles , though he didnt respond and ignored me and refused to talk to me and kept flaming and raging at me , i guess hes so busy :DDD , well its ok nvm , i showed all what i saw to you guys , so , iam gonna tell you what i saw :

  1. i saw this bug , well in my gameplay , i saw a crim who was inside a modded monster with big wheels + on fire , but he couldnt get out of his vehicle , he was kinda stuck , until one of his friends helped him to get out , you can ask @Groove he was with me and even shot a video about it , he sent it to me and saw it clearly , i dont have its link ask him he has it

    Picture of this bug : https://imgur.com/alPRBvr
    so if you guys saw this bug ingame when u was playing , tell us in the comments ;)

  2. well this one happens usually , actually , many times to me while playing as cop , when i chase a crim in a modded vehicle (especially those with big wheels and alot of customization) i arrest him so fast like some warp (an arrest in a fast way without the anims of the cop getting the crim out of the vehicle) and directly after i arrest the crim who is inside the modded vehicle , i get network problem for no reason , seriously in the air and stuck having network problem and getting lagged , until i do F1 iam stuck , after i get warped to Hospital , all of the network problem dissapear immediatelly which is a weird bug and lag i get every single time i arrest a wanted crim , though iam talking of my experience with these modded vehicles as A COP , other jobs may be affected with bugs and lags of the modded vehicles that are different of what i saw as a cop though

So guys , give us your thoughts about it , also keep it clean with no trashtalking , and show your opinion about the modshop and modded cars , anything you just faced of the bugs and lags , tell us in the comments , even if you had different lags and bugs from the ones i posted here , talk about it , this is an important Topic for the founder of this modded cars and modshop scripting nanobob , i hope he gives us any informations about it and about the modshop and modded vehicles , also tell me guys cuz i get these issues daily and inform me if you have these bugs and lags as well or iam the only one who sees these problems , or some players ingame , some specific group of players experiences these bugs and lags , i would like to see everyone shows his words here in the topic , especially nanobob , By the way THIS ISNT ANY REPORT , IAM ASKING PEOPLE ABOUT THESE BUGS AND LAGS , iam trying to help the people ingame and not being rude and toxic though , so i just showed what i had to help fixing the bugs and lags related to nanoshop , i hope people see this and especially the guy who thinks iam rude and joking on people and being toxic @Nanobob , its your own thing nanobob , iam trying to show you the problems of your own creation , its up to you , u wanna fix your thing here ? then come and see , you dont want to help here ? ..... then you're free to decide , iam trying to help you here , so i hope you return the favor and help us @Nanobob

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