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can a firetrucker involve in crim/cop jobs like helping in avoiding Arrest/arresting


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Hello guys , Lorch with you here , iam about to ask you a question about a well known job in SAES , its called Firetrucker , well , as a firetrucker can he involve in cop or crim activities like helping a cop in arresting someone with pulling water on the criminal or the opposite by helping the crim avoiding arrest by pulling water on the cop ?
i just had this when i was chasing a criminal named [TT]nemesis (i know hes a SAES clan member) when he was in a firetruck of the firetrucker Daryl (i know hes admin too) though he was driving faster and escaping with his little BRO nemesis (he was wanted) so ........ i got his truck down , then when i was about to arrest nemesis , the little bro Daryl pulled water on me to help him avoid arrest , and kill me easily .....
By the way they were together in the firetruck and having some private talk and driving around slowly until i showed up and the chase began since he was driving faster and refused to kick nemesis out of his firetruck

  • i didnt make this topic to report Daryl so he wont cry and call me a fake reporter and ...... etc , its a complicated case and people here ingame telling me every job should do his thing without involving in other jobs , so is this allowed for a firetrucker to help cops or crims in their job or no .......
    NOTE : THIS ISNT ANY REPORT DARYL , SO I AINT REPORTING HERE , just wanted to share this thing here and know more about the firetrucker job though i find many people as firetruckers helping cops or crims to do their job (many people do it this way)
    So give us your thoughts guys ...... its an open debate everyone , show your opinions , with no moaning and trash talking please , talk clean ;)
    i got the pics to see more : (not to report but to show and clarify what is about)
    https://imgur.com/4OqwwzT : this one when Daryl (the firetrucker) pulled water on me and nemesis (the wanted crim) killed me
    https://imgur.com/AXlwcSJ : this picture while chasing nemesis in the firetruck of Daryl

so even the firetrucker was driving his firetruck with a wanted crim , is he allowed to involve in it ? i aint reporting here i wanna know more about this job cuz alot of people abusing it as firetruckers , if someone wants to trashtalk here , dont ever speak cuz you will make it alot worse , even the ones in the pictures nemesis and Daryl , and leave these complicated situations to the Staffs and SAES HQs to give us the clear answer , so speak freely about it with no raging and flaming hard . its an OPEN DEBATE :D :D
i posted the pictures not to show my intent to REPORT and show the community here about what those people did , but to make people believe that i saw this case as well here ingame and its not any lie or some fairytale i wrote from my mind

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first of all I just gotta say that you have no skills as cop (squads dont you dare to invite him) idk maybe you have no arms or some shit like rennie and tritosh (hes worse than both of them combined)
second, I had 1 fucking wanted level and you jumped on my ass like its fucking bank robbery
and yes what you said would be a rulebreak by our side but unfortunately we were testing firetrucks and I couldnt togglestaff even if it was needed

"i posted the pictures not to show my intent to REPORT and show the community here about what those people did" what....those.....people.....did
we are being accused here like we committed a fucking war crime

and yes I already told you post war down syndrome should be cured as soon as the first symptomes show

stop playing saes and get some help

luv yall

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