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Filex's Application For Community Staff


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Your ingame username: medtheman
Your ingame alias: Filex
Your year of birth: 2k
Your gender: male

Nationality: Tunisian, i own a French passport
Country of residence: Tunisia

How long you have been playing SAES: 2 or 3 years so far
Qualities you can offer: I've come after all these years to a conclusion that the biggest quality I can offer is being myself, my presence (high ego mood), but anyway let's go one by one to be precise:

  • Enough Education and knowledge that allows me to apply for a managing position.

  • I'm a perfectionist I can't accept something before reaching its perfect point as I have it in my mind and can't forget it easily if I fail to

  • I'm honest when it comes to criticizing a person or a work whether it's good or bad

  • I have enough communication skills to understand people and more importantly patience(if the person isn't trolling) to approach the best solution

  • I'm a fast learner whatever are the specializations lets say I have an open mind

  • politeness and respect (when it is mutual and out of jokes context) can't allow myself to hurt someone in any possible wayand if I ever do I don't mind apologizing

  • Fairness/justice whatever related to that vocab

  • I have a high respect to rules even tho I've allowed myself to break some along my career, meanwhile, i understood that rules can be sometimes bypassed for the common good in specific situations (where no one is being oppressed) that's where common sense plays it's role since it's a game after all.

  • I don't accept humiliation for myself and people (again out of jokes context) and I'm ready to defend them if needed.

  • I'm Grateful, i don't forget someone's favor

  • My comedy, many probably don't agree on that but I'm a funny person, I don't mind roasting myself to draw a smile on someone's face that makes me a good person probably but whatever

  • I never give up (this application is a proof I think ^~^ )

  • I wanna finish by saying that I'm an artist, artistic spirit exists in everything i make/do.

Your weaknesses:

  • I sometimes lose control when many problems are accumulated, so I take a distance to recover.

  • My perfectionism is sometimes a problem for me since I come to refuse things because I don't see them well done

  • like someone once said to me, I will be joking even on my death bed which is over the limit sometimes

  • My high ego indeed i act wrongly when underestimated or ignored.

Preferred Position (CS/SAHA): CS

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes

Reason for application: Well the main reason is my desire to get this position since long it started as a bet then went farther to become a challenge for me with my low chances which I consider as a good thing since it will positively impact my performance, second is also my desire to make an impact I see this position as a chance to change things and to get closer to my main goal out of everything I've ever done in SAES my own and others entertainment

Server Memberships: ThC(Best Gang)/LWS/ZIP/TMH/SAM/DDMC

Additional information: My name is Yassine, a proud Muslim, born in the best country on earth, I tried many things in my life which makes me proud of who I'm, I was, sadly no more, a books lover/addict, I'm a history lover (past), mathematics addict (language), sci-fi lover (futur), computer science student (way), I write poems, short stories in my free time that I don't like to share, I adore that romance and plot twist mix, i play guitar, my favorite philosopher is Nietzsche (The perfection prophet as i'd like to call him) and my favorite music band is London Grammar, my mind is a mess that draws my personality.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: Some admin jails for DM, some mutes through my career, latest admin jail was like 4-6 months ago by SAES>Kain for joining a BR as FBI (I joined as VIP) while being apart of a gang, a notification was just added to the main rule after my jail.
Previous (legitimate) bans: None

Do you eat pork: No

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Decent effort put into your application, if only you put this much effort into making a working clock, eh?

My perfectionism is sometimes a problem for me since I come to refuse things because I don't see them well done

:mag_right: I'm looking for the perfectionism, where is it? All I see is broken clocks.

Activity has been really poor lately and if I'm being honest you need to stop vanishing for a month when people are memeing you, you won't get anywhere acting like a snowflake around here.

alt text

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