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Shagwrath's application for CS

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Your ingame username: nekroxx
Your ingame alias: Shagwrath
Your year of birth: 1988
Your gender: Male

Nationality: American
Country of residence: United States

How long you have been playing SAES: Off and on since October 2010, 4.5-5 years consistently. Been back for a couple of months now though.
Qualities you can offer: I can script, 3D model, and have experience making things for MTA in this capacity, cars, weapons, objects/buildings. Also I'm very familiar with JS, C#, PHP, HTML, etc. Been using Photoshop for almost 10 years now. I'm patient and get along with everyone, and I have a genuine desire to help out. More about me personally, I love to be creative, I love to learn new things and find new challenges for myself to overcome. I can put that to use on the server in almost any capacity. Also I have been in the clan before so I have done some of these things before and anything new would be easy for me to learn.
Your weaknesses: I can get tunnel vision while on a project or working on something and forget about the rest of my responsibilities, I've been getting better at this as it's part of my obsessive nature that will get me excited about new ideas or projects and I keep building and building until the scope runs away.

Preferred Position (CS/SAHA): CS

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes. Shagwrath#1224

Reason for application: I should have never left the clan to begin with, I want to come back to help and use my skills to help improve the server. I would like to eventually help in a scripting capacity, but I know there's plenty of other things that need doing and players that need helped so let me prove myself where you see fit.

Server Memberships: Brothers of Metal, Helvete, and The Insane Clown Posse. I've been in CC, CLO, DE, HS, FBI, SAI. Been focusing on Helvete.

Additional information: I have a lot of love and respect for MTA, I know that sounds corny. but ask about my hoodie if you don't believe me. This mod and the game it expands are a huge part of me, I met some amazing people and still am, I've learned to do some things because of it that I never thought I could, (I failed computer programming in school twice). I played on WSS yes, and left that past where it belongs, I was their lead developer for their 2.0 update, I left their and made my own RPG from scratch because I wasn't done trying to get all these ideas out that I had.

I think this is a good time for me to mention how big of an idiot I feel like for leaving the clan and offending everyone. I should have thought about what I was saying and more importantly how I said it, all those years ago. I promise I'm remorseful and regretful, still to this day. I am sorry, to the SAES clan, to the players and to the friends I had that I let down, I am truly sorry I abandoned you all, please give me a chance to earn your forgiveness. If there are those out there that still remember what I did and it caused you grief, then please accept my apology.
Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: It's been so long I honestly don't remember, I'm sure I was removed from the clan though if I didn't asked to be removed.
Also Kenny punished my eyes once, but it's okay, I forgive him.
Previous (legitimate) bans: Never banned.

Do you eat pork: Everyday if my heart can stand it.

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Thank you for your interest in joining the CS team.

On behalf of the management team we'd like to thank you for your interest in joining CS staff. We have reviewed the applications for the position of Community Staff and have chosen to proceed with a few of them. We regret to inform you we will not proceed with yours.

alt text

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