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Lamza's application for CS


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Your ingame username: lamzaone
Your ingame alias: [HS]Lamza- / [hs]iamgod
Your year of birth: 1996
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Romanian
Country of residence: Romania

How long you have been playing SAES: Since 2009
Qualities you can offer:First of all, I am a good person at heart. I like creating new bonds and being friends with everyone. I am a very fast learner, being able to adapt to any environment. I am responsible and i like to get involved a lot. Give me any task, and i'll be 100% dedicated into fulfilling it at the shortest time. I'm a good asset when it comes to teamwork and communication and I believe I have very strong leadership qualities. I have been part of the leadership of the previous generation of Hell Soldiers (Vice leader) and DEA (Vice leader, along Sam-B). During this journey of 11 years, playing SAES, I have developed strong communication skills, being able to interact even with the low english proficiency part of the community. I have a lot of patience and I can switch my perspectives depending on the feedback i get, making it easier for everyone. I have been here for long enough to know basically how everything works. I have always helped newbies but I don't like to stand out for it.I do not crave for attention, this being my first CS recruitment application ever, in 11 years of playing this game. I strongly enjoy the roleplay part of the server, every time i pass by an ongoing RP i try to join it (a thing that more people should do considering that you don't see RPs as often these days). Another good quality of mine, is being open-minded. I always care for both sides (better said, all sides) of the story, without any favoritism, as i believe everything should be as fair for everyone. I do believe that punishment is NOT the best action to be taken every time (especially when it comes to newcomers). I'd rather take my time to explain what/why someone has done wrong. That being said, i really think i would be a strong candidate for this position. I am usually active during midnight, when there's usually no admin online (if there's someone DMing there's nothing anybody can do). I am truly responsible for my actions and I have never broke any rule, having a clean record.
Your weaknesses: I detest people not taking responsibility for what they had done. More of that, i detest when someone is in the wrong and can not or doesn't want to see the mistakes they had done. I do not like people that act as if they are better than anyone else. I might troll a little when I am bored but nothing too extreme.

Preferred Position (CS/SAHA): CS but i would be happy to help as SAHA aswell

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes, I do.

Reason for application: I have always helped newcomers and people generally, but there's a huge limitation for what I can do without being part of the community staff team. It really is a pain in the ass, to get deathmatched,or to watch people rulebreak without anyone being able to do anything (when admins are unavailable). There are many times when i'm online during midnight and there's people that login for the first time and start DMing everyone around for hours. At that point, all i can do i report and wait for the admin that never comes online (even if the report gets looked into, that person might never play again but those 2 hours of constant DM damage the quality of gameplay for everyone else). The main reason for my application is the ease of which you can help and improve the community, being part of the CS team. Besides that, i am part of one of the most prestigious groups on SAES, CLO, which ensures the fact that i'm a serious person. With all of the above being said, I guarantee you that I will never let the clan down, and will 100% be involved in any task that I am given.

Server Memberships:
-Cuban Liberation Organisation Soldado
-Cuban Embassy staff
-G6 security officer
-Cuban Cars mechanic (was impounder aswell)
-Hell soldiers Vice Leader
-Green Liquid head of Security
// Have also been part of the following: TSAC (Vice President of the party and later of SA aswell), ProCops, K-9, +many other dead organisations

Additional information: Hello. First of all I would like to thank anyone that had the time to read all of the above. My name is Denis, i was born in Romania and I currently study veterinary medicine. I really enjoy informathics, programming, foreign languages, photoshopping and biology. As in sports, at some point I wanted to become a basketball pro. I used to be very active during my younger ages, until i learned that i suffer of asthma (it got triggered after an intense match of basketball for our regional championship, during a really cold winter), a thing that limited my sports performance by a lot. As in gaming, i have been playing video games since i can remember. GTA VC was the game that caught my attention the most (the gameplay was something extraordinary when it got released). After a while, SA got released and it was even better. I remember joining SAES somewhere around late 2008-early 2009. I was too much of a noob and didn't really care to get an image for myself. I would only log in to drive around or to play as a cop to earn money. I remember spawning as reporter (it used to pay very much) to grind money for a new sultan. At that point, owning cars and modding them was my only goal. Back then i didn't really stick to a specific nickname, but used to change them a lot for whatever reason.. Somewhere around 2012, i felt ready to join my first organisation. I was no longer a noob, i new the rules and how to earn money, how to play as a team and how to communicate properly. That's when i chose Lamza as my nickname. I joined Southkings (and would love to thank @Gengar from the bottom of my heart,for being my guide during my membership there). Later on, as I used to play as a cop at the beginning of my career, i went for DEA and became its Vice Leader (Again, i would love to show sincere thanks to @Sam-B for being a great leader and more than a great friend). Later on, I joined Hell Soldiers (Thanks @nick420, @kato, @DraGunoV and all the other HS OGs, i love you the most). The gang i put most effort into. I became its Vice Leader (and CLO member shortly after, in 2016) and had great success until almost everyone went inactive and eventually the gang died. I became an AA member and stayed faithful until @kockata decided to revive Hell Soldiers, my home. I think this is enough said. I could go on for hours but nobody would bother reading :)

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I have never had any punishments on SAES. ever.
Previous (legitimate) bans: None

Do you eat pork: Yes, I do. Very nutritious.

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Thank you for your interest in joining the CS team.

On behalf of the management team we'd like to thank you for your interest in joining CS staff. We have reviewed the applications for the position of Community Staff and have chosen to proceed with a few of them. We regret to inform you we will not proceed with yours.

alt text

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