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Lightning's Application for SAHA

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Your ingame username: lightning12
Your ingame alias: Lightning
Your year of birth: 2001
Your gender: Male.

Nationality: My nationality is Russian.
Country of residence: Currently living in the State of Israel.

How long you have been playing SAES: I have been playing in SAES:RPG for over 3 years now without any massive inactivity periods.
Qualities you can offer: Well my best qualities, as far as I know, is being an honest person and being really friendly and motivated, I help to every person that is needed in that help as far as I know how to correctly help him and not bring him to the wrong "way", I also learn new stuff really quickly, obviously with that there is my small weakness because I may do stuff wrong and do mistakes but it rarely happens.
Your weaknesses: My biggest weakness is that I always interfere in political discussion most of them are when someone brings the issues between Israel and Palestine, but I always stop it at some point to not cross the line and respect others while it's happening and I was working a lot on that weakness as well as in interfering in chats that I don't need to be, also my other weakness is that I usually don't forgive people even if it's a small thing that they did to harm me, obviously I will forgive if it was done by a mistake and it can be explained.
Preferred Position (CS/SAHA): SAHA

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes I do.

Reason for application: Well the reason that I'm applying today to the SAHA position is that I have been playing SAES now for over 3 years straight and I thought to myself that its the time to move on in SAES and in the community in general and become something much bigger.

Server Memberships:
S.W.A.T. - Major.
Homeland Security - Undercover/TRU
Global Express Trucking - Chief Personnel Officer.
Cuban Cars - Mentor and Impounder.

Additional information: Howdy, my name is Adik and I'm currently 18 years old, I was born in Russia but when I was 6 months old my family moved to Israel because of the terrible economy in Russia and us having a family in Israel and as well as citizenship, my hobbies are playing on my computer and as well as studying how to develop I also have one younger brother and a dog.
Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: Not that I remember any.
Previous (legitimate) bans: Nope.

Do you eat pork: Obviously I do.

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Thank you for your interest in joining the SAHA team.

On behalf of the management team we'd like to thank you for your interest in joining SAHA staff. We have reviewed the applications for the position of San Andreas Housing Agency staff and have chosen to proceed with a few of them. We regret to inform you we will not proceed with yours.

alt text

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