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Cappo's application for CS


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Your ingame username: milan6969
Your ingame alias: Cappo
Your year of birth: 5th January 2003
Your gender: Male

Nationality: Bulgarian
Country of residence: Bulgaria

How long you have been playing SAES: Since the start of 2018 from what I remember.
Qualities you can offer: I'm someone that can be serious when needed. Whenever I do something, I try my best to do it in the best way possible, as fast as possible and of course - as well organized as possible. I can offer another helpful, friendly and somewhat fun person that is there to assist with anything possible (that is doable by myself). Even though I've had some beefs around, I can consider myself as an open minded and friendly person, so I'd say that I'd be pretty good with talking with new players and helping them. One more strength is that even though I consider myself pretty new in that community, compared to a good amount of it, I'm pretty well fitting at almost every group of people. I'm good at talking with people, especially when both sides are acting in a nice way, thus, I'd say that I'm a pretty well convincing person. Another strength is of course - my activity. I'm busy in real life with my personal stuff, although, there's some good amount of time that I spend in front of the monitor. Also, I'm not someone that would punish someone for doing something wrong, I'd always prefer to discuss it as easily as possible and figure a way out of the situation, that will be liked by the both sides.
Your weaknesses: As most likely my past history within the server shows it as well, I can go a bit too far when joking about something. Of course, I can easily control myself, but it happened a good amount of times that a joke turns into a beef that just in the end of the day is completely pointless.

Preferred Position (CS/SAHA): CS

Do you have Discord Installed: Yes.

Reason for application: As I said, I consider myself as a hard working person that is surely also open minded, I apply, because I feel like I can be useful to the community. I've almost always been ready to help new players and assist them in their way to meet new people in the server and actually enjoy, just like what happened with me not too long ago. Also, I'd say that my "skills" to talk with people, be as friendly and useful as possible, as well as well organized when given a talk has nicely been improved ever since I've been SAP HQ, as I've honestly talked with a huge amount of people regarding it, I've dealt with a good amount of cases regarding the group, thus I consider myself somewhat experienced to take that CS spot. Although, I perfectly know that the CS spot has way more challenges and unseen experience that I'd like to see.

Server Memberships: TT member (lvl 2), SAP HQ, CC Impounder, ex Senator=

Additional information: Nope, not really.

Previous (legitimate) punishments on the server: I've been adminjailed at the summer of 2018, I was still new in the server and wasn't completely informed about how the server works.
Previous (legitimate) bans: I've never been banned.

Do you eat pork: Yis, I'm a slav.

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Thank you for your interest in joining the CS team.

On behalf of the management team we'd like to thank you for your interest in joining CS staff. We have reviewed the applications for the position of Community Staff and have chosen to proceed with a few of them. We regret to inform you we will not proceed with yours.

alt text

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