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as the topic https://saesrpg.uk/topic/17155/bringbackoldmute?_=1586344970509 have been locked with last wise words "dont do shit dont get muted" just wanted to mention why atleast partychat/pm/cc chat shouldnt be mute.

last time i was muted for 1h by ubergay nanobob, was because i did very little spamm on loclachat "go interior" at br regroup, why i did the spamm? because the mass is dumb/sleeping & cant relaize that k-pannel from pigs can locate wanted criminals at regroups = ez knowing there gonna be br & little localchat spamm "interioooooooooooooor "go interioooor" always worked for the mass to relaize/wake up. but getting muted for that & not even beeing able handling br in cc chat for 1h is dumb.. no one see cc chat, why mute cc chat if it cant harm you? same goes pm/partychat, this makes absolutly 0 sense, specially when some kankers mutes you for bullshit. its just sad in my eyes that topic got so ez closed instead anyone having chance to discuss in a discussing topic, because someone pretends to know it better..

aye nanobob was outside aswell at this br tbh

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