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LWS :: HQ Hierarchy


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^[ alt text ]

alt text

-=(#8db600)^[L.W.S HQ Hierarchy]=-

alt text

^[ ~[HQ - Management]~(sienna,8db600) ]

alt text

  • ~[L.W.S President]~(8db600)

LWSactive :honduras: ~[SAES]~(c8c8c8)> @Yoko [Username: officialjosuea]

  • ~[L.W.S Vice President]~(8db600)

LWSactive :turkey: @Brondy [Username: joseluisao123]

  • ~[L.W.S HQ]~(8db600)

LWSactive :turkey: ~[SAES]~(c8c8c8)>@Velo [Username: velona77]

LWSactive :russia: @Dufabo [Username: dufabo1900]

LWSactive :united_states: @Hotfire [Username: hotfire4021]

LWSactive :tunisia: @Colo [Username: xxsouheilxx]

  • ~[Supervisors]~(8db600)

LWSactive :bulgaria: @Bisollini [Username: alex0107]

alt text

^[ ~[Jobs/Duties]~(8db600) ]

Roster and Forum Management: LWSactive :honduras: ~[SAES]~(c8c8c8)> @Yoko [Username: officialjosuea]

Internal Relationships: LWSactive :turkey:~[SAES]~(c8c8c8)>@Velo [Username: velona77] & @Dufabo [Username: dufabo1900]

Inactivity Issues: LWSactive :turkey: @Brondy [Username: joseluizao123]

Weekly events and Player of the Month: :turkey: @Colo [Username: joseluizao123]

Recruitment Process LWSactive~[LWS HQ]~(8db600)

alt text

L.W.S has always been known for its exclusivity and quality, we look forward to keep it that way. Above you will see the hierarchy of the group. How is built now days and what does HQ manages.


  • Follow the Hierarchy if you have any questions.



  • Are you a Former L.W.S Member and want to join back? We don't invite former members unless HQ approves and there's activity shown in-game prior a request, if you have any questions please forward your concerns to our Supervisors and they will get in contact with HQ.

alt text

L.W.S President]~(8db600)

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