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Desert Eagles Official Statement - New Changes


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Dear citizens of SAES:RPG

This is an official Desert Eagles Statement regarding some new changes.

After a long time preparing and working for a new project within the group, the day has come to make it live on the server/community.

Said that, DEHQ is proudly announcing the following:

  • DE Naval will operate separately from the main DE core.

  • DE Naval now has its own forums + topics.

  • RECRUITMENT METHOD: Desert Eagles Naval Unit has now a different recruitment method. It will run completely different from the main DE (Assault and Airborne),the recruitment process will go through an application topic then some tests in-game specifically prepared for the Navy. Only for Law Enforcement / Civilians on the server

  • DE Naval has it is very own Units within the Unit itself. Where you will be able to choose depending on your choices and experience in-game etc.

For more information, please check the following link


That is all for now,

The DEHQ Team,
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