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Alaa Jab el car - Tunisian Roleplay (Meme)


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So this idea was suggested by @Wizax... No wait it's @Raf0 ? No no It's @Shadro.
Something requested by @Wizax ===> So the video is a meme now in Tunisia about kids who were waiting for their friend who stole a bus and came driving to them. So you know how excited they were! Yeah shit happens in Tunisia.

Okay here's the original video of the idea :

And here's SAES:RPG version:

  • Special Thanks to these following tunisians who made that shit happen:
    @Shadro / @Wizax / @Raf0 / @Laminee / @Tritosh / @Chrome / @voli / @HasomY / @Sanfara / @Amsterdam.

Note: Whoever joined that sick Roleplay and I forgot his name please tell me !

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