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[FAQ] Game Crash, Bugs, Issues and more


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To counter the mass amount of frequently asked questions within the #help-and-support section of the SAES:RPG Discord server, I figured a topic like this would be rather helpful.

No big introduction, just an easy-to-read topic.

~[Please refrain from replying to this topic so we can have the next available posts to use for more helpful information once we reach the post character limit. If you wish to provide feedback, please use discord as posts here will be deleted.]~(red)

Common Game Crashing Solutions

  • Unable to delete old file xxx
    The error log should contain various directories hinting towards what files it was unable to delete. Simply head to your Multi Theft Auto folder and follow the path: mods > deathmatch > resources simply remove the affected files/folders here.

  • loader.dll issue
    loader.dll has been flagged as a false positive by Avast.
    Open 'virus chest' by right clicking on the Avast icon in the Windows tray
    Locate loader.dll in the list and press the three dots menu

    Click on Restore and add to exception
    More information from Avast
    HTTP server file mismatch (xx)
    If you're experiencing an issue joining the server because of a file error or clash please delete your resources folder, or the folder of the specific resource and rejoin the server to redownload all resources or the resource you deleted. Attempt this first before creating a ticket or bringing up an issue, as it will always be our first piece of advice.
    Your resources are in MTA\mods\deathmatch\resources

Display / HUD isn't showing properly

  • If you are experiencing difficulties with graphical issues, such as the HUD not displaying correctly (health bar, login screen etc.) head to your Multi Theft Auto folder and follow the path: mods > deathmatch > resource remove all files within this folder. It will force download all the various resources when you connect to the server again, which should resolve your issue.

Invisible walls - What do I do?

  • To avoid running into invisible walls during your trucking endavadours, you should downgrade your GTA:SA version to 1.0. Follow the steps on this article: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/11757-patching-your-101-or-200-version-of-gta_saexe/

I found a BUG - what do I do?

  • Head to: https://github.com/saesrpg and report your bug, select the repository depending on what the bug is affected under, f.e: in-game server, website etc.

I forgot my password

  • Load up the SAES:RPG server and follow the steps below:

  • Go to the login panel

  • Click 'forgot password'

  • Enter the email associated to your account

  • Click the link in your email

  • Enter new password

I forgot my username

  • In the luck that you have applied to an organization (squad/gang/group) in the past (which typically requires you to type your username), look through your old posts either on the new forums or the archive founds (found here: https://archive.saesrpg.uk/community/)

  • If you haven't applied / can't find your old application, make sure you have ownership of the e-mail attached to your original account. After confirming this, head to the SAES:RPG Discord (found here: https://discord.gg/MR64u4T) head to the #help-and-support channel and create a ticket (done by typing the following: -new "your query"

.. More to come

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