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My old irl gang (Devils of hell)


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Elementary school
at the start of the 21st century (inb4 newfag)
our school had also a tard class, with older 15-19 yo. tards
the tards have built an epic snow fortress where they hang out during recess
we tried to figure out how these sub-humans could have constructed something so great
the 5th graders can't deal with this fact
we form a resistance movement against the tyrannical tards
La resistance lives on motherfuckers!
we named ourselves "The Devils of Hell"
the devils first secret meeting is held in the schools forest near a huge pine tree and the nettle rock (during summer there grows a fucking lot of them)
all the boys from th 5th grade plus me and three other firstgraders appeared to the meeting
we agreed that during next recess we will attack the tard without declareing war and spread the word about The Devils of Hell
said recess
we attack equipped with sticks and rocky snowballs under the element of surprise
the tards don't understand the situation at first (DUH! :DD)
but when they do, all hell breaks loose!
these six foot (aspect of the 130cm 1st grader) drooling hulk tards come out of the fortress to screaming and batshit insane and attack
at this part our forces break up under the tards overpowerment and we have to retreat back to the forest
luckily, these teenage mutant ninja tards motoric skills are so underdeveloped that we can outrun them
we all make it to safety and we've managed to make a hole on the fortress wall. that can be counted as a victory!
the word about The Devils of Hells achievements and bravery spread like wildfire

next days lunchbreak we held a new secret meeting where we recruit new soldiers and organize our strategy and tactics
our numbers tripled and we got partisans from every class even a few 6th graders
we shared our battle roles according to classes, us the firstgraders got the worst job
we were "the little pioneers"
our job was to dig trenches near the enemy lines and infiltrate the fortress through the the holes made by the frontline soldiers (3rd and 4th graders) and destroy the castle from the inside
the 5th and 6th graders worked as officers (throwing stones at the tards and shouting orders)
our job was the most dangerous cause the rumor was that if the tards got you, they would kiss you and suck on your balls and their bite would turn you into one
the second attack would be wednesday at the beginning of the second recess
before the attack we gathered to the HQ of the Devils and swore an oath
sure about our victory we marched into battle
to our surprise, the tards were prepader for our attack, by recruiting more tards and arming themselves with sticks and (stone)snowballs
we wont back down
the frontline soldiers break the walls a bit >we the pioneers charge inside but are forced to retreat fast when the tard go full hulk mode
the biggest tard grabs a 2nd grader
we can't stay and help him
the Devils of Hell are yet againg forced to retreat to the forest
different stories are around about what happened to the one guy left behind but in any case the whole school feels sorry for him and treats him like a honorable war veteran

we set up an emergency meeting at lunch break
the third meeting of the Devils of Hell
the AD/HD special ed. students want to join our resistance
we rejoice, cause these daredevils have a legendary reputation at our school for countless misdeeds
we re-organize the movement to three divisions
5-6th the elitekorps
1-4th the foreing legion
special eds. the daredevils
the next grand attack is arranged to fridays lunch break, this time we will charge from three directions and wreck the whole fucking shit
get ready
oh fuck, party poopers! (the recess supervisors)
the tards have told about us to the teachers
we all end up in detention and our movement is finished, or is it?
friday, morning class
"we will have a joint outdoor class with the 5th graders" - the teacher
with determined minds we march with the 5th graders to a window of the tards classroom, knock a few times and run towards the snow fortress
in my 17 years of existing i have never seen anything funnier than about 20 tards glued to their window and their priceless faces when we kick the shit out of their matafaking fabuluos snow fort
we were the Devils of Hell

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