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ZIP - Trevor's Portfolio


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@Trevor said in ZIP - Trevor's Portfolio:


Built with @MarksMan
#Construction_number: 1
Number of objects: 401
Link to the code pastbin (in case of sharing): https://pastebin.com/TvssiwQP
Link to the Album: https://imgur.com/a/Swwu48K

Today was the opening day of our hotel, many customers were presents to see our fancy hotlel, so we started by showing them the parking spots since its where they should park their cars, also it was helipad for VIP customers because the hotel's location was between San Fierro and Las Venturas, then we moved to our sexy pool, we made it with some fancy objects and it was with hot and cold(in the summer) water, also can be used for bathing or swimming, for relaxation, after that we moved to the reception, it was made in classic way to catch the eye of the customer once he enter,also he will find a sexy lady that will explain to him/her everything about our hotel and all that with large smile, and infront of it , you find some couchs to be able to rest there while filling your informations in the hotel's paper and in sametime hearing a calm music to make you in good mood for vacation, Last not least we moved to the rooms, it was two types of rooms, the double ones for couples, in that side it was two sexy beds in case we got two crazy drunk couples that will make a mess in the room, and the single ones with one classy bed, The costumers were enjoying the opening day with some champagne while hearing some classic songs and having fun with their friends and watching the architecture of the place and many couples decided to stay for few days in our beloved hotel. The next day, we got many costumers from deferent places, it was a big cround around the hotel, the staffs there were barly seeing each others, but they handled it well and by the night every costumer was in his room or in the hotel's bar.

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