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Project num #8: Freezoom Tower
Number of objects: 390
Link to the code (in case of sharing): https://pastebin.com/e5fSEkSP
Link to the Album: https://imgur.com/a/ojAlR0E


alt text


RP: July 16, 2020,We were playing a card game in ZIP base after 5-10 minutes I got call from Mr.Freezoom he is CEO of the Freezoom towers.He told me I want make new Freezoom tower in Las Venturas I need your ZIP friends. I'll give you all the money you want.I told him okay and we started the work.First we drew up the build plans later we bought cement,construction iron also quality Windows,I showed the plans to Mr.Freezoom he liked our plans.Tomorrow we loaded the stuffs to car and we went to Las venturas.First we use construction scoop to broke floor later we used cement to fill the floor after that we put construction iron on the floor for strengthen the building. After that we deployed water pipes to floor. Later we installed a power line in the building. We used crane to deploy walls to building after a power line.After that we measured the size of building for garage after that I called the Mr.Freezoom for garage door,Mr,Freezoom ordered an Ultra-luxury garage door.We waited for the garage door to come and we took a lunch break.After the garage door came, we deployed the garage door with the Crane.Then we set the lights for the garage.After that we put the Windows.Mr.Freezoom told us use Reflective Windows for my tower thats why we used Reflective Windows.After that we did the same with the other floors.Mr.Freezoom told us to build a helipad on the roof.We went to get supplies to build a helipad.But it was too late,we decided to go home.We called the security and went to home.Tomorrow we started to work early. After we build the helipad,I called Mr.Freezoom and told him we are done.Mr.Freezoom told me he wanted to use his own interior designer.I told him okay sir our job is done,he asked us the cost of the building.I told to him its cost 50 million dollar,He paid it to our ZIP Bank account and we are back to the our ZIP base

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