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[CONTEST] New White House | $50,000,000

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The Liberty Party would like to announce its first official contest.
We are looking into a reconstruction of the White House, and due to this, we are also offering a large prize sum for the winner of the contest.

There are a few demands for the new construction, which are:


  • Gates covering any entrance to the White House

  • Fences around the actual White House (like it is today)


  • A meeting room for Secret Service

  • A meeting room for the Government

  • Role-play based room for Secret Service (computers, desks - intel-gathering area)

.. Potentially more demands in the future, the above is all for now; keep your eyes out for any changes to this topic.

The selected winner will be awarded $50,000,000 (50 million USD).

DEADLINE: 20th of January

That is all,
Thank you.

Vice President of San Andreas,
Joshua Watson

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@Licano said in [CONTEST] New White House | $50,000,000 (50 million USD):

This is where our taxes go! To be wasted by those white neck rats!! Throws a rotten apple

Hello, Mr. Licano.

I'd like to formally address this.

It is correct, that we were permitted to use the Federal Reserve for the reconstruction of the White House, however, due to the beliefs of the Liberty Party, we decided NOT to use the Federal Reserve. We instead had a fundraiser inside our Party, and funded $50,000,000 on our own - not a single dime of the prize money has been paid by the Citizens.

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