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Jailbreak (JB) Rules

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The following rules are to be adhered to while in the jail and the surrounding area:

  1. The jail is NOT to be utilised as a deathmatching zone. You will be found in breach of the rules if you are not ACTIVELY trying to jailbreak or defend a jailbreak. No deathmatching cops without trying to actually take back the jail/escape.
  2. Spawn killing is strictly against the rules. You may not kill cops as they spawn.
  3. As a criminal you may NOT kill other criminals in the Jail. You will be jailed for 84 stars if you do this. If you ask someone to kill you in jail you will also be found in violation of this rule.
  4. Using animations inside the jail to hide in walls is forbidden and will be punished with a ban for bug abuse.
  5. Any criminal in the yard can be killed and it is not considered deathmatching.
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