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Fight Club Betting Activity [Do your Bet Now!]


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^[4 in 1 Ring!]

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  • What is Fight Club?

They main roleplay is organising illegal fights and accepting bets on players .Actually their club started for only fun however they had to provide some money to grow up the organisation.Thats why they started to accept bets on fighters.

  • What is this activity?

This activity is first big activity of Fight Club. Fight Club was hosting betting activities but this activity not like others. This event will be great for players. Players can bet on boxers. And they will win 1.5x what they play.

alt text

  • Griffin @Griffin

  • Jaster @Jaster

  • TaffyC @TaffyC

  • Franklin @Franklin

The boxers above will face off on match day. They're all the same, and we'll know who's going to play who on the day of the match. You can be sure they all have the same power and ability !

alt text

  • Where the match will be played
    Match will be played on the Fight Club Base. Club is on to San Fierro

  • When the match will be played
    Match will be played at the: Saturday & 18:00 PM [11.01.2020][Server Time]

alt text

The boxers will face you before the match. And there we'll introduce you to the boxer. You will decide on here to which boxer to play. You can play no more than 5m. [I will communicate with you in the game, do not give your money to anyone(Minimum 500K).]

**In-game Name:**
**Account Name:**
**Which boxer would you like to bet on:**
**How much you want to bet[Maximum 5M]:**

  • Played Bets

Klay: 2M To TaffyC :heavy_multiplication_x:
Hash: 3M To TaffyC :heavy_check_mark:
Reus: 1M To TaffyC :heavy_multiplication_x:
Zaza: 1M To Jaster :heavy_check_mark:
Greed: 1M To Franklin :heavy_check_mark:
Tamo 1M To Franklin :heavy_check_mark:
Cookie: 500K To Franklin :heavy_check_mark:
Nexroth: 1M To Jaster :heavy_multiplication_x:
Fad: 1M To Jaster :heavy_check_mark:
Kanarya: 500K To Franklin :heavy_check_mark:
Fad: 500k To Jaster :heavy_check_mark:
Wendo: 2M To Franklin :heavy_check_mark:
Each: 500k To Franklin :heavy_check_mark:
TaffyC: 1M To TaffyC :heavy_check_mark:
Franklin 1M To Franklin :heavy_check_mark:
Mimmy: 1M To Jaster :heavy_check_mark:

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