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Bank Robbery (BR) Rules

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  1. One gang is allowed to do a maximum of 3 gang bank robs per day.
  2. Members of the gang who are robbing the bank can kill any player inside the bank or immediately outside the bank.

  3. Members of gangs are not allowed to attempt to ruin bank robs of their rival gang by raiding that bank spawned as non-ProCop spawns or informing other cops on the server about the bank rob.
    Temporarily joining a squad to evade this rule is also disallowed.

  4. When a bankrob concludes, you may not kill other robbers or asked to be killed by robbers in order to leave the bank via a respawn. You may also not use F1 -> I'm Stuck on the roof, or commit suicide to leave the bank/roof.

  5. In a City Bank (LS/LV/SF) you can only defend an ongoing bank robbery from behind the glass in the lobby (SF/LV) or behind the double doors (LS). In a county bank (RC/TR/BC) you can only defend an ongoing back robbery from past door 1.

  6. You can claim a bank robbery or rob a bank only when a complete team of robbers from your gang (4+) is present.

  7. Switching gangs to assist another gang cracking during a bankrob is not allowed.

  8. Whilst a bank rob is ongoing any criminal in the lobby can be killed by either side.

  9. Leaving and rejoining a gang within 2 days to bypass the minimum police quota is punishable. (This includes spawning purposely as special policing groups to increase the count without the intent of responding to the robbery).

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