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Twenta's LWS Events


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Twenta's Lightning World Sports Event's
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First or all welcome to my topic. Since im back from a long inactivity and active again i'd like to post my events here. I've already made a topic on the old forum's and will post the old events also here. so please dont blame me if that are old events, ofcourse there will come more new events in the upcomming times.

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Total Event's Done : 15
Total Money Spent : $32.500.000

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Events Format :
Event type:
LWS/g6 helper:

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All my events in a spoiler :


Kart Race #1
Fallout #2
Fallout #3
Fallout #4
Fallout #5
NRG-500 Parkour #6
Find Twenta Around Las Venturas #7
Faggio race to mount chilliad #8
Mazerunner #9
Burrito race to mount chilliad #10
Fallout #11
Fallout #12
Last man standing #13
Fallout #14
Chicken Shooter #15

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All my old events are on the saes archive so i will not post it here.

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