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Cuban Cars

Employee Portfolio: MarksMan


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~[General Information]~(sienna)

Nickname: MarksMan
Account name: frickovviktor
Age: 21
Country of residence: Germany
Time spent in Cuban Cars(~): I don't really remember but like 4 years
Current role (Mechanic, Impounder, Mentor): Impounder
Roleplay Name (If used, else leave blank): Carlos Cruz
Current Journy in Cuban Cars (min. 100 words):
Well, I don't really remember when I joined but as I said above it's like 4 years or even more, got invited by GetAGrip after big RP ingame. We were like 4-5 guys invite at that time and as I remember there was a rule you have to be Mechanic for a month or two to get Impounder spawn I can't remember if we applied for it or now but since then I'm "stealing" wrong parked cars so they can pay us to get them back.

Patrol: 7

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