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ZIP - Portfolio Section Info


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General Informations:

Hello members!

This shall be a topic with all the info you need about this portfolio section, first of all this section was made in order to improve the organization of activity inside our dear group, for months we've been using discord and more precisely #share_your_builds section as an activity feed area, despite that the channel shall exist again but this new system will request from members to post their constructions on each portfolio, this will also be helpful for the hqs in order to sort the total group activity feed at the end of each month and it's an Obligation for each member to have a portfolio.

Note: you will still need to post on media archive before posting on your portfolio, it's up to you if you wanna quote it or just copy paste the post code, knowing that both portfolio and media archive formats are the same.

How to post a portfolio:

As any other topic you will need to name your portfolio as following ZIP - Name's Portfolio, each portfolio shall have the basic info in the main post on the person that includes the rank, name, accountname and number of constructions

Format for posts:

The following format shall be used in order to provide your new constructions :

#### **Construction Title**
**Number of objects:**
**Link to the code pastbin (in case of sharing):**
**Link to the Album:**

![picture](link to one picture to the construction)



Example Construction

Number of objects: 150
Link to the code (in case of sharing): https://pastebin.com/Jih4YLYw
Link to the Album: https://imgur.com/a/YFHYCo8


The following format shall be used in order to provide your new RP :

#### **RP Title**
**#RP Number:**
**Organizations Involved:**
**Link to the Album:**

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